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Configuration Software

The software package has been developed to be used for configuring the IRtec Rayomatic infrared thermometers.

For over 20 years, Eurotron has combined ISO 9000 requirements, infrared thermometry experience, and best practices to develop a technologically advanced software applications. The last generation of Infrared sensors and transmitters include advanced electronic technologies. This technology allows to improve the standard temperature measurements with temperature processing capability

Connecting the thermometer to the Personal Computer, it is possible to change the fundamental parameters as: emissivity, average, output range, etc.

Temperature monitor
The temperature can be displayed on the PC monitor for testing the thermometer installation (aiming, emissivity value, etc.)

Data logger + Graphic module
Optionally it is possible to install the graphic module. It include the During the process start up or maintenance, it can be useful to record the process data. Using the software and a portable PC you can substitute a standard paper recorder. This module includes the LogMan software software package. LogMan allows you to load the data file saved using the IRsetup software, display them in table format and export the data in .csv (ExcelTM) format.

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Software package developed to be used for configuring the IRtec P and IRtec MicroRay portable infrared thermometers. The Software allows viewing, graphing, exporting and reporting the measure.


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