Back-contact pv magazine webinar

Last week, pv magazine organized a webinar about back-contact technologies and their position in the market for high-end modules. Our partner DSM Advanced Solar has sponsored this webinar and participated in it together with our client Silfab Solar.

Next generation back-contact solar modules in pre-production in Eurolab

Since the very first start of Eurotron, we have been on the forefront with state-of-the-art production equipment for manufacturing back-contact solar modules.

Euroton launches WeChat Official Account and Mini Program

In addition to LinkedIn, YouTube and WhatsApp, we recently launched our WeChat Official Account and Mini Program.

TNO, Eurotron, GroenLeven and SIEC teaming up in Whooper project

TNO, Eurotron, GroenLeven and SIEC are teaming up in the Whooper project, with the goal of realizing a new solar module that generates more power and reduces costs of electricity compared to conventional modules.

Eurotron moved ahead to accommodate production of large-format PV modules by upgrading their high-tech production tools.

In order to offer their clients the ability to produce large format back-contact PV modules, Eurotron is currently incorporating an upgrade of their high-tech production tools.