Eurotron will attending PV CellTech 2019 in Penang Malaysia

Bram Verschoor, CCO of Eurotron, will give a presentation about their back-contact PV module manufacturing equipment. Compared to other PV modules, back-contact PV modules have shown many advantages. With an installed production capacity of 2 GWp, Eurotron is a global leader in equipment for manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. New equipment is underway and will bring the total production to 3GW a year which is equivalent to 9 million PV modules.

Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA

On the 2nd of April, Jan Bakker took over from Simon den Hartigh as CEO of Eurogroep and TTA. Jan Bakker is the company’s former Technical Director and will be responsible for the operational activities of the Eurogroep companies and TTA from this moment forward.

Eurotron focusses on jet printing technology

Eurotron has achieved a breakthrough in the connection between solar cells and the conductive backsheet foil inside back-contact solar panels. With this new approach, called jet printing, Eurotron, will in time, be able to realize interesting cost savings through increased precision and further minimization of material use. The new method, for which Eurotron has applied for a patent, is currently in use in Eurolab.

Sunport Power opens first GW factory with Eurotron MWT equipment

Sunport Power commissioned their brand-new facility for the manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. The Chinese factory will produce an annual 3.3 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 1 GW per annum.